San & Emily bio

San & Emily Bio

The father daughter duo of San & Emily Slomovits have been playing music together since Emily was a young child. San, along with his brother Laz, as the duo Gemini, have been a highly popular folk act throughout Michigan and the United States since 1973, and Emily began joining them on stage when she was just eight years old. Emily is an accomplished violinist, having studied classical violin for more than a decade, plays guitar and the bones and has developed a lovely and distinctive singing style.

San and Emily’s concerts feature a wide range of traditional and contemporary folk, jazz and classical music. Their beautifully blended harmony vocals and exciting instrumental work breathe new life into a wide variety of American and international music, from folk to classical, klezmer to Broadway show tunes, traditional to contemporary. Audiences thrill to their warmth, humor and ease on stage. They've released one CD, “Innocent When You Dream”.

"Boundless charisma and talent" –Ann Arbor Observer

GeminiChildrensMusic.com • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wrWlIyP2Zqs

Emily Bio

Emily Slomovits began playing violin at the age of seven, and has been joining her father and uncle (the duo Gemini) on stage since she’s been eight years old. She studied classical violin for more than ten years, adding jazz and folk fiddle styles to her repertoire along the way. In her early teens she also began singing and playing guitar and has since then been performing alone, with her dad, with Gemini, with San, Emily and Jacob, and with many other musicians, in groups ranging from classical string quartets to folk and country bands. She’s also played in the pit bands of several musicals, was the Fiddler in the Encore Theatre’s 2012 production of Fiddler on the Roof, the Violinist in the Performance Network’s 2012 production of A Glass Menagerie, and has been a musician in four productions of Shakespeare in the Arb. She is a member, as musician and actor, of the repertory company of Spinning Dot Theatre. Along with her dad, San Slomovits, she's recorded one CD, “Innocent When You Dream.”

Emily's website is EmilySlomovits.com