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Receiving the Shore (Book/CD)music sample

Receiving the Shore (Book/CD)

Receiving the Shore is a collaboration bringing together poetry by Jennifer Burd and musical settings of those pieces by Laszlo Slomovits. The ten longer poems in the book are interspersed with meditative haiku sequences and evocative drawings by artist Melanie Boyle. The accompanying CD includes song settings for all the poems, sung and accented with folk flutes by Laszlo. Read more...

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Full Track List

  1. Step
  2. Voice
  3. Summer Haiku
  4. Lake Superior
  5. Walking Home at Dusk
  6. Autumn Haiku
  7. September Song
  8. Rain Is
  9. Winter Haiku
  10. Solstice Hymn
  11. Winter Day
  12. In Winter
  13. Spring Haiku
  14. Forget-Me-Not
Give Light (CD)music sample

Give Light: The poetry of Rumi set to music (CD)

Jelaluddin Rumi, 13th Century Sufi mystic, is considered by many to be the world's greatest spiritual poet. His powerful poems on the longing of human beings for reunion with the divine, on the many-faceted mysteries of love, and of encouragement on the spiritual path, have inspired countless people for centuries. Read more...

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Full Track List

  1. Come
  2. The Reed Flute's Song
  3. Love
  4. Looking for You
  5. I'll Meet You There
  6. Don't Go Back to Sleep
  7. Come to the Orchard
  8. Give Light
  9. In Your Light
  10. The Stronger Pull
  11. Keep Walking
  12. The Music
  13. In Praise
  14. One Light
  15. In the Garden
  16. What Was Said to the Rose
  17. The Guest House
  18. Today
A Divine Invitation (CD)music sample

A Divine Invitation—The poetry of Hafiz set to music (CD)

Hafiz, 14th Century Sufi mystic, is the most beloved poet of Persia. It is said that there may be some homes in Iran that do not contain the Koran, but no home is without the Divan (Collected Poems) of Hafiz. There is a tradition that on every Nourouz (New Year’s Day in Iran, which coincides with the Spring Equinox) people open Hafiz’s Divan at random and whatever poem they open to gives them a message to focus on for the year. Read more...

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Full Track List

  1. A Divine Invitation
  2. The Subject Tonight
  3. This Place
  4. Fear Is the Cheapest Room
  5. This Flute God Carries
  6. Pulling Out the Chair
  7. The Happy Virus
  8. Don’t Surrender Your Loneliness
  9. Admit Something
  10. The Vegetables
  11. This New Tune
  12. When the Violin
  13. The Door to God
  14. I Am Determined
  15. An Old Musician
Gamble Everything for Love (CD)music sample

Gamble Everything for Love: The poetry of Rumi set to music (CD)

This is Laz’s second CD of his original musical settings of Rumi’s poetry. (See above for information about Give Light, Laz’s 2007 release of his first Rumi CD.) Once again, working with distinuished poet and translator, Coleman Barks’ award-winning versions, Laz has set to music 15 classic Rumi poems. Mystical love lyrics, as well as powerful words of encouragement on the spiritual path, these poems uplift and inspire, and the music makes them even more memorable and accesible. Read more...

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Full Track List

  1. Gamble Everything for Love
  2. Love Is a River
  3. Some Kiss We Want
  4. I Used to Be Shy
  5. Two Insomnias
  6. Stay Together, Friends
  7. Work
  8. The Lame Goat
  9. The Clear Bead
  10. Only Breath
  11. Sing Loud!
  12. On the Day I Die
  13. Hidden Instruments
  14. This We Have Now
  15. Grace
Hafiz & Mystical Companions (CD)music sample

Hafiz & Mystical Companions: The poetry of Hafiz, Rumi, Rabia, Mira, and Kabir rendered into song (CD)

This is the fourth CD in Laz’s series of Rumi / Hafiz poems set to music. Working from Daniel Ladinsky’s four books of translations (The Gift, I Heard God Laughing, The Subject Tonight Is Love, and Love Poems From God) Laz has rendered into song poems by Hafiz, Rumi, Rabia, Mira and Kabir — poet saints of the ancient East. These are timeless poems that transcend cultures and religions, and they continue to inspire and guide people all over the world, 500-1200 years after they were written. Read more...

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Full Track List

  1. A Great Need
  2. It Happens All the Time in Heaven
  3. Looking for God
  4. I Got Kin
  5. The God Who Only Knows Four Words
  6. And for No Reason
  7. Ten Thousand Idiots
  8. Kabir Blues
  9. No More Leaving
  10. Isn’t That Something?
  11. To Build a Swing
  12. A Productive Day
  13. A Hole in a Flute
  14. Our Union
  15. The Way They Held Each Other
  16. Just Rest
  17. It Acts Like Love
  18. And Love Says
Rumi & Mystical Companions (CD)music sample

Rumi & Mystical Companions: The poetry of Rumi, Hafiz, Lalleshwari and Sanai rendered into song (CD)

This is the fifth CD in Laz’s series of Rumi / Hafiz poems set to music. Working with the magnificent translations of the much-celebrated poet Coleman Barks, Laz has rendered into song poems by Rumi, Hafiz, Lalleshwari and Sanai—poet saints of the ancient East. These are timeless poems that transcend cultures and religions, and they continue to inspire and guide people all over the world, 500-900 years after they were written. Read more...

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Full Track List

  1. What a Fine Song
  2. Returning — Hafiz
  3. Looking Into the Creek
  4. The Drum of Nothing
  5. One Whole Heart
  6. Sleep On
  7. Forgetful One, Get Up! — Lalla
  8. Inside the Great Mystery
  9. Doorsill
  10. Empty
  11. The Love-Hawk
  12. The Puzzle — Sanai
  13. What Fear of Loss
  14. Self Inside Self — Lalla
  15. Lo, I Am with You Always
Cry of Freedom (CD)music sample

Cry of Freedom (CD)

This compelling collaboration began in 2006 when award-winning poet Linda Nemec Foster first viewed the work of photographer Jacko Vassilev. His portfolio, “The Dance of Zlatio Zlatev,” appeared in Harper’s Magazine and gave visual testimony to the impoverished and marginalized people of Eastern Europe. Vassilev’s haunting portraits inspired Foster to write a sequence of poems, Ten Songs from Bulgaria, that was published by Cervena Barva Press in 2008. When Laz read Foster’s chapbook in 2011, he was immediately drawn to the poems as lyrics for songs, and began composing music for them: Cry of Freedom is the result of this partnership of art, poetry, and music. Read more...

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Full Track List

  1. Two Vladimirs at the Window
  2. Young Shepherd in Front of Old Church
  3. Creativity in Psychiatry Camp: Contrapuntal
  4. Brothers, Stoian and Christo
  5. Cry of Freedom
  6. The Dancing Bear
  7. To Protect Her Property
  8. Child with Dove
  9. The Dance of Zlatio Zlatev, Ex-Pilot
  10. A Man is a Man When a Man is on the Road
Ten Songs from Bulgaria (Chapbook)

Ten Songs from Bulgaria (Chapbook)

This is the chapbook of the ten powerful poems that are set to music in the CD, “Cry of Freedom.” (For more information, please see above.)

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Darkening of the Moon (CD)music samplelyrics

Darkening of the Moon (CD)

Helen Forslund Slomovits, Laz's wife, passed away in July of 2012. She had played flute on nearly all of Gemini's recordings, as well as on all of Laz's solo CDs. In addition, she had her own solo CD, featuring her songwriting, singing, and instrumental compositions for flute and harp. This is what she wrote about her vision for this music:

These songs and instrumentals were written with a healing intent. Together they form a magical weaving of light and dark, of sound and silence, of rainbow colors — feeling hues. They're meant to take you on a journey of exploration within a circle of safety. I invite you to come with me into this circle of sound.

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Full Track List

  1. Invocation
  2. Circle Song
  3. Faerie Green
  4. Pause & Reflect
  5. Witches Heal
  6. Weaving
  7. Darkening of the Moon
  8. Lilt
  9. Time of Dying
  10. Safety Brings Delight
  11. Simplicity
  12. Swaying & Dancing
  13. Thank You
  14. Music
  15. I Choose the Light
In the Same Sky (CD)

In the Same Sky: Eagle and Condor Flying Together (CD)

Hear the ancient, indigenous music and made-from-nature instruments of the Andes (panpipes, agave drums, and seed-pod shakers) woven together with Celtic harp, guitar, flute and violin, and the song-writing tradition of North American folk music. This CD is the fruit of the connection between two families—The Slomovits family of Ann Arbor, Michigan, and the Santillán family of Agato, Ecuador—brought together by a shared love of music and a desire to contribute to harmony and healing in the world. Read more...

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Full Track List

  1. Primero Vuelo
  2. Dia Del Sol
  3. Children of the Sun
  4. Dos Mukus
  5. Sumak Warmigu
  6. Before Dawn
  7. Land of the Blue Flower
  8. Pachamama
  9. Kuillkipik
  10. Eyes of Light
  11. We Have Come From So Far
  12. Inti Raimi
Harbor of the Heart (CD)music samplelyrics

Harbor of the Heart (CD)

Children will enjoy this solo recording by Laz, with its lively rhythms, variety of instruments, and positive messages, but Harbor of the Heart is especially meant for parents, teachers, and other adults who care for children. Imagine your favorite motivational speaker or inspirational writer breaking into song, singing to encourage and uplift you—Harbor of the Heart was written with this intention. Including songs about perseverance, generosity, and giving to oneself in order to be able to give to others, Harbor of the Heart reminds us of, and strengthens us in the power we each have to make a difference.

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Full Track List

  1. A Golden Day
  2. Let Your Heart Smile
  3. I Believe In Love
  4. Coming Home
  5. Dig Down Deep
  6. Give The Best
  7. Give Yourself
  8. Movers & Shakers
  9. One Or Two
  10. A Little Step
  11. Little Song Of Peace
  12. Up To Me
  13. Harbor Of The Heart
  14. May We Work

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