Learn To Play


The first thing to do before playing your spoons is to make sure that they are adjusted properly. If the spoons are too far apart they won't make a sound, or you'll have to hit them very hard against your leg to make them sound. If they're touching they also won't work. So, very gently push them together or pull them apart, making sure that a good curve is maintained at the base of the spoon. You want the bowls of the spoons to be very close to touching, approximately a 1/4 inch apart.

Spoons are most easily played sitting down. If you prefer to stand, put one leg up on a stool, or on the rung of a chair. Otherwise either you'll have to stand on one leg while lifting the other one, or you'll have to bend over – neither position is comfortable for very long!

Now hold the spoons by the red handle in your main hand (it does not matter if you're right or left handed) and tap it lightly against the top of your opposite thigh (left thigh if you're right-handed, right thigh if you are left-handed). You should hear a nice, clear sound. If not, re-read the first paragraph!

Start by tapping the spoons rhythmically against your thigh, then put your non-spoon hand, held slightly cupped and relaxed, over your thigh and tap the spoons back and forth between your thigh and your hand. Try different patterns of taps between thigh and hand. The variations are endless! But here are a few little tricks to add more variety:

Playing your spoons regularly, daily if you can, even if only for a little while, is the best way to learn. Five to ten minutes a day will get you farther than an hour once a week. And the more you play, the better you'll get; playing the spoons will teach you how to play them.

Experiment! Try new things! Most of all, have fun with your spoons!!