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Sandor and Laszlo Slomovits have been singing Jewish music all their lives. Their father was a Cantor at a number of Budapest synagogues, including the Dohány Templom, the largest synagogue in Europe, and the twin brothers grew up singing with him from the time they could talk. The brothers' family moved to Israel following the 1956 Hungarian Revolution, and then three years later to the United States. After attending college in Rochester, New York, where their studies included voice lessons at the Eastman School of Music, the brothers settled in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1973 and began making music full time, performing in concert halls, festivals, coffeehouses and schools all over the United States and Canada.

From the beginning of their career, Sandor and Laszlo, as the duo Gemini, have sung and played Jewish music as well as their own songs and traditional folk music from around the world, performing at numerous JCC's and synagogues, for both adults and children. In addition to their work together, each of the brothers has explored different facets of Jewish music and literature. Drawing on his cantorial heritage, and his own settings from the liturgy, Laszlo has been the cantor at the Hillel High Holiday Services at the University of Michigan for many years. Sandor has been writing stories of his parents' and grandparents' lives before and during the period of the Holocaust and the resonances of those lives in his own. These stories have been published in many Jewish newspapers throughout the United States and have also aired on some NPR radio stations. He is currently at work on a full length book of these stories. In 1998 Sandor released his first all Jewish music recording, Music of My Family, Music of My People. The Jewish newspaper Forward said about his recording, "Passionately sung traditional favorites, and the singer-songwriter style is also well represented."

Jewish Family Concert

For the whole "mishpoche"! Young and old alike will delight in the twin brothers' virtuosity on a stageful of instruments, and their lively, interactive songs in Hebrew, Yiddish, and English. Will work wonderfully for an inter-generational event in your community.

Chanukah Celebration

This concert, intended for children and the whole family, and performed on nearly a dozen instruments, includes many Chanukah favorites, as well as festive new songs written by the brothers.

Yom Hashoa Concert/Storytelling

This concert/storytelling program, intended for adults, combines traditional Yiddish and Hebrew songs from Eastern Europe with some of the stories that Sandor has written of his parents' and grandparents' lives before and during the period of the Holocaust.

Adult Concert of Jewish Music and Stories

Songs and instrumentals from the whole range of Jewish music, from Klezmer to modern Israeli, from Old World Yiddish favorites to original songs in English on Jewish themes. Also includes some of Sandor's stories.

Songs from the Pirke Avot

This special concert for adults consists of the brothers' musical settings of many well known sayings from the Ethics of the Fathers. Powerful and profound teachings sung in both Hebrew and English.

The Pesach Program

This adult concert features the brothers' original settings of passages from the Haggadah, the beloved text recited and sung during the Seder meals at Passover. New melodies for passages normally recited, as well as for ones that already have traditional tunes.

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