family concerts

Treat your family to a Gemini family concert! Filled with award-winning original songs, folk songs from around the world, and storytelling, a Gemini family concert celebrates the warmth and wonder of family life.

Excellent singers, the twin brothers, San and Laz, also play more than a dozen instruments – guitar, fiddle, mandolin, pennywhistle, harmonica, slide whistle, South American pan pipes, Native American flute, and percussion instruments such as the Appalachian limberjack, spoons, tambourine, African shakers, and the "bones."

Their songs feature subjects easily accessible to children of all ages – food, pets, school, family trips – and nearly every song invites the audience to sing-along, clap, or follow more expressive handmotions. For more information about Gemini's family concerts and the venues where they perform, see their schedule.

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